Roman legionaries on Polish territory. An archaeological gem in Kuyavia

Roman legionaries on Polish territory. An archaeological gem in Kuyavia

Elements of equestrian equipment and the costume of Roman legionaries were found in the Kuyavia region. Warsaw University archaeologists were alerted by treasure hunters who first came across the find. These are the first evidence of the presence of Roman legionaries in the area of our country.

Archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw learned about the find from treasure huntersow. They immediately took action and began excavations and field research. The most unique in this part of Europe objectow were found near the villages of G─ůski and Wierzbiczany (woj. kujawsko-pomorskie).

Part of the traceoin the aftermath of the Roman legionaries were handed over to archaeologists by prospectors of the. There were among theod them elements of equestrian equipment and costume of Roman legionariesow. But during the work carried out under the direction of Marcin Rudnicki of the Institute of Archeology of the University of Warsaw, more valuable objects were found.

Amongod found objectoin the are metal horse harness hangers, whichore, according to the researchers, were amulets that protected against evil and provided good luck. There is also a gilded piece of a legionary’s hip belt, on which theoThe name of the site is included in theobeneficiarius indicating a high-ranking officer of the.

This is the first very strong evidence of the actual presence of Roman soldiers in areas of present-day Poland. Many of the objects foundow are monuments unique in this part of Europe – said in an interview with the Polish Press Agency Dr. hab. Bartosz Kontny of the Institute of Archaeology at the UW, ktory made their identification.

The objects found are between 2,000 and 1,600 years old. Where did they come from in Kujawy? Reasonow may be several. Archaeologists believe that the Romans may have recruited the population here for the army. They may also have been asked to intervene by the Lugioin fighting the Swebes.

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