Blue light releases toxins in the eye and damages vision

Blue light releases toxins in the eye and damages vision

Blue light from smartphonesow, laptopow and other digital devices, can have an adverse effect on our eyes, accelerating vision loss. Researchers from the University of Toledo in a publication thatora appeared on the pages of „Scientific Reports”, describe why this happens. This light causes the formation of a toxic molecule in the eye, whichora can cause macular degeneration, heołtej, and this in turn leads to loss of vision.

Research conducted by scientistow from the University of Toledo in the US showed that prolonged exposure to blue light, whichore sourceoThe source is the screens of electronic devices, but also the sun, triggers a process by which theorgo in photoreceptors – light-sensitive comorks of the eye, toxic molecules are formed that can lead to macular degeneration of the ¿ołtej – the leading cause of blindness. As a result, blue light, whichore has krotighter wavelength and carries more energy, can gradually cause eye damage.

– We are constantly exposed to blue light, and our eyes cannot block or reflect it. It is no secret that blue light harms our vision by damaging the retinaoin the eye. Our experiments explain how this happens, and we hope they will lead to the development of therapies to slow macular degeneration, he saidoltej, such as a new type of eye drops – said Professor Ajith Karunarathne of the University of Toledo, the head of theowny author of the publication.

Macular degeneration ¿ołtej is an incurable eye disease thatora causes significant vision loss. It usually affects people in their 50s or 60s. Its mainoThe main cause is the death of photoreceptoroin the retinalowce of the eye. Komorks need light-absorbing molecules called retinal. It is through these molecules that neurotransmitters are secreted to transmit the signaling cascade to the mozgu.

– Photoreceptors are useless without retinal molecules, and this compound is produced in the eye. To see, we need a constant supply of this compound – said Karunarathne. Syndromeoł scientistow led by him discovered that exposure to blue light triggers reactions that generate toxic chemical molecules in the comorks photoreceptorow.

– If blue light falls on a retinal molecule, the molecule breaks down while forming toxic compounds that kill the comorki photoreceptorow. Comorki photoreceptorow do not regenerate in the eye. When they die, they die for good – explained Kasun Ratnayake, who works in a team of scientistsoIn led by Karunarathne.

Scientists during the study introduced retinal molecules to other types ofoin the comorek in the body, such as the comorks of cancer, comorks of the heart and neurons. After exposure to blue light and the breakdown of the com moleculeothese cells have died. Blue light alone or retinal without blue light had no effect on comorki.

– No activity is caused by green, ¿ołtym or red light,” admitted Karunarathne. – The toxicity of retinal molecules when exposed to blue light is universal. Can kill any type of comorki – added.

Syndromeoł researchers found that a molecule called alpha-tocopherol, a derivative of vitamin E and a natural antioxidant in the eye, protects cellsorki before death. However, as people age and the associated weakening of the immune system, they lose the ability to protect the comorek against the toxic breakdown of the molecule when exposed to blue light. – That’s when the real damage occurs,” said Karunarathne.

Researchers are currently measuring light in the lab from screensoin television, phoneoin the comork and tabletoIn order to better understand howob comorks in the eye react to a daily dose of blue light. – If you look at the amount of light coming out of a cell phoneorkowe, it may not be the healthiest, but it seems that it can be tolerated – said John Payton, coopublication author. – Someore companies add to the screenoin smartphoneoin filters to protect against blue light, and I think this is a good idea – added.

To protect the eyes from blue light, Karunarathne recommends wearing glassesow sunscreens, whichore can filter zaroboth UV rays and blue light. It is also important to avoid looking at the comorkowe and other digital device screens in the dark.

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