According to preliminary findings, Uber’s autopilot is not to blame for pedestrian’s death

According to preliminary findings, Uber’s autopilot is not to blame for pedestrian’s death

The fatal hit-and-run of a pedestrian by an autonomous Uber vehicle occurred on Sunday evening. A driver was present in the car, however, he used an autopilot. Preliminary police findings indicate that avoiding the accident was impossible and the autopilot is not at fault.

During the proto cross the road in a forbidden place was hit by a woman. She was hit by a carod Volvo SUV operating in autonomous mode, but as required, under driver supervision. The 49-year-old woman was carrying a bicycle draped with shopping bags across the roadway. Unfortunately, the woman died in the hospital as a result of her injuries.

The incident took place in Tempe, Arizona. Local police chief – Sylvia Moir admitted that preliminary findings show that it was difficult to avoid the collision. – The Volvo driver said it was like a flash, a person suddenly appeared in front of the hood of the car – Moir said.

Selfod at the time of the incident had a speed of about 60 kilometersow per hour. According to police, the carsod not even prohe braked in front of a woman. The incident occurred at night. The driver, whoory supposed to control the vehicle was sober.

Moir reported that the carod The Volvo was equipped with at least two video cameras. One facing forward in the direction of travel. The other recorded the car’s interior and the driver’s reactions.

The footage has not been released to the public, but from what Moir revealed, it shows that the pedestrian, driving a bicycle, violently stepped into the roadway and it would have been difficult to avoid a collision, even if the vehicle had been driven by a man. – It appears that Uber is probably not at fault in this accident. It would have been difficult to avoid the accident, no matter what mode – autonomous or manual – carod would have been. A pedestrian stepped out of the shadows directly under the wheels of a car – said Moir.

Uber has halted testing of all its vehicles in response to the accidentoin autonomous on public roads in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Toronto and Phoenix. „We join in bolu with the victim’s family. Fully wspoWe are working with local authorities, whoore investigating the incident” – admitted the company in a statement.

Sourceosource: San Francisco Chronicle, Reuters, photo. CC BY-SA 4.0/ Wikimedia Commons/ Dllu

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