A revolution in tooth treatment is on the way A new product will replace cavities in enamel

A revolution in tooth treatment is being prepared? New product will replace enamel cavities

Researchers have good news for all those anxious about dental visits. Researchers have developed an easy-to-use product that can treat dental cavities and restore enamel without the need for invasive procedures.

A visit to the dentist triggers many osob panic anxiety. This is often the cause of disastrous oral health. But wkrotce all this can pobe forgotten. A new product developed by scientistsow from the University of Washington can restore teeth and treat cavities without costly and inconvenient proceduresoin the currently used. The results of their study appeared in the journal „ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering”.

According to the World Health Organization, dental cavities affect almost every age group and are accompanied by serious health problems. In addition, the direct and indirect costs of treating them and treating related diseasesob are a huge financial burden for theowno for poszczolnych waspsob, as well as entire systemsow health care.

Untreated prochnica can lead to tooth lossoIn and adversely affect ogolny state of the patient’s health. In extreme cases, it can even be life-threatening. – Bacteria metabolize sugar and other fermentable carbohydrates in the oral environment, and the acid, as a byproduct, demineralizes tooth enamelow – explained the cooroutor of Sami Dogan research.

But a new invention may remedy this. The product developed in the lab is based on peptides – organic chemical compounds, whichorych krotic chains of amino acidsow linked by peptide bonds are not long enough to be considered complete proteins. When applied to artificially created tooth damageow under laboratory conditions, the product remineralized tooth enamelow, effectively repairing the damage.

– Remineralization led by peptides is a healthy alternative to the current dental health care – said the head ofowny author of the study – Mehmet Sarikaya. – Formulations containing our peptides will be simple to use and available in over-the-counter products – added.

American researchers were inspired by the natural proteins that make up teeth. More specifically, amelogenins – group of proteins necessary for the formation of enamel on teeth. This is how the peptides mentioned early on were created, whichore biomineralizes and is the key active ingredient in the new technology. In essence, they are amelogenin derivatives.

– Our peptides bind to the surface of teethow and „recruit” calcium and phosphate ions for their restoration,” said Deniz Yucesoy, whoory was also involved in research.

It sounds quite unbelievable, but the authors of the study assure that the use of the product with peptides allows the formation of 10 to 50 micrometricoIn new enamel on damaged teeth. And this after each use.

The fully developed technology can be used in toothpasteoin, gels, solutions and composites as a safe alternative to existing procedures and treatmentsoin dentistry. Will enable people to restore and strengthen tooth enamelow.

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