The entire project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0, which is a permissive license, so there is no issue using the software in any kind of application, commercial or non-commercial. The reason for this license is that it is the one used in the runtime library (which is licensed by Nikhil Kothari).


The compiler has been developed by Erik Källén, www.erik-kallen.se

Compiling C# to JavaScript was pioneered by Script# by Nikhil Kothari. The runtime library is also a slightly modified version of the runtime from this project.

The C# source code is analyzed using NRefactory by Daniel Grunwald and Mike Krüger. This project, in turn, uses Mono.Cecil by Jb Evain and mcs (the C# compiler from the mono project).

Linq support is achieved with the help of Linq.JS by Yoshifumi Kawai.

The code generator for jQuery UI was initially written by Ivaylo Gochkov.

This project, in various places, uses an ECMAScript grammar by Xebic Inc. (This grammar is actually BSD-licensed, but I have permission to redistribute it under APL2 as part of Saltarelle Compiler).

Issue Tracker

Issues (both compiler and library ones) are tracked on GitHub.


Any contribution is very welcome. You can contribute by reporting an issue, by creating an import library for your favorite JavaScript library, by implementing one of the features on the unsupported list, or by just using the software.

Source Code

The source code is available on GitHub.