C# to JavaScript Compiler

This compiler can compile C# into JavaScript. By doing this you can leverage all the advantages of C#, such as static type checking, IntelliSense (the kind that works) and lambda expressions when writing code for the browser.

Never, ever, experience an ‘object does not support this property or method’ again!

Compile C#
into JavaScript
// Call Alert()

// Write to the Console
Console.WriteLine("Hello World"); 
// Call alert()

// Write to the Console
console.log("Hello World"); 

Now More Powerful with Bridge.NET!

The next version of Saltarelle will be integrated into the future of Bridge.NET and will deliver .NET Microsoft® Roslyn platform support, Source Maps for simple debugging within Visual Studio and TypeScript compatibility.

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I am very happy to join forces with the guys from Object.NET in bringing this project, as well as the idea of compiling to JS from C# forward. Together we will have the ability to achieve way more than I could possibly achieve by myself.

Erik KällénFounder of Saltarelle

It is a huge win-win for all users of both projects; Bringing these projects together and integrating Saltarelle into Bridge.NET, our users can expect great new features, more plugins, 24/7 professional support and a larger community.